Then & Now

Thousands of years ago, a part of my ancestral line was curving, like the great Snake River, with the ebb and flow of life in Idaho.  Along the Clearwater, on the flat at Ahsahka, my Nimi’ipuu (Nez Perce) ancestors were the oldest family settled there.

Over 135 years ago, another part of my ancestral line was carving out an existence on the Salmon Tract in Southern Idaho – early and prominent settlers of the area.

A union between Native American and Pioneer Settler formed with a marriage in 1864 between Susan Adams and Thomas McBeth Gray, my Great-Great-Great Grandparents.

I was born to the Salmon Tract in 1983, but was moved away from the land of my ancestors just a year later.  1994 saw the return of myself, along with my Mother and my sister Dana.

Today, my house now sits in a rural, but quickly growing, town in Southern Idaho with my partner, Tucker and our children Collin, Molly, and Milo.  We are in transition while trying to make it out to the country, back to the land – land with soil for growing one’s food, for raising animals, for wondering, for discovering, for being close to nature, for connecting to the ancestors whose footprints stil imprint upon the soil.

I’m on a journey, discovering my path in this high desert among the sagebrush.  I travel forward, all the while looking back – back to the people who sweat and bled for the land and their families – the true Cowboys and “Indians” of the West.


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