Wild Idaho #4

Red-Winged Blackbird

Yellow-Headed Blackbird

I see you.

Lizard. Do you know my name?

These pictures were taken at Derkies. We walked back to a marshy area and our ears were filled with the songs and chattering of these two beautiful blackbirds. There is something about black contrasted with a flash of bright color – stunning! Swallows were dipping back and forth across the water, and some sort of water loving, sleek brown mammal was scurrying within the reeds, never letting us get more than a glimpse of it. Lichen covered rocks. Craggy cliffs. The green of spring. A nature walk right in town.


Winter Birds

A Welcome Winter Visitor
Dark-eyed Junco

After an unplanned hiatus from writing, I return to talk about our feathered fliers – the birds. Though winter is a couple of months away, I thought it a good time to get ready for the arrival of the wintering birds. I find immense joy in observing and identifying birds for the first time, and each time thereafter. Winter, summer, and migrations make for excellent opportunities to sight birds that aren’t around for the entire year. If you keep a running record of when and where you spotted a bird, then this is especially satisfying. But whether you don’t know a crow from a raven or are able to name the correct body parts for identification purposes, the thrill of seeing birds is equally pleasing, no matter the skill level. Anytime is always a worthy time to discover the intriguing activity of birding. It’s also a great way to learn the flora and fauna of your area, something every human being should strive to become experts on – as we have fallen so out of touch with the land and our immediate surroundings. Below is a list of the birds that winter in Idaho. I encourage you to look up the overwinter-ers in the region you live. Believe me, you’ll find great pleasure in it!

-American Tree Sparrow

-Bald Eagle

-Barrow’s Goldeneye

-Bohemian Waxwing

-Brown Creeper


-Common Goldeneye

-Common Merganser

-Dark-eyed Junco

-Evening Grosbeak

-Golden-crowned Kinglet

-Gray-crowned Rosy-finch

-Herring Gull

-Hooded Merganser

-Lapland Longspur

-Lesser Scaup

-Northern Saw-whet Owl

-Northern Shrike

-Red Crossbill

-Ring-necked Duck

-Rough-legged Hawk

-Sharp-shinned Hawk

-Snow Bunting

-Snowy Owl

-Pine Siskin

-Yellow-rumped Warbler

While some of these birds occupy parts of Idaho year-round, other areas of Idaho only get them during the winter months.  Look for them in your area!

Do you keep a bird list? Are you an avid bird watcher? Are you going to be from here on out? Share your bird stories!

*After posting this, I headed to my mom’s house and out the window saw a male and female Dark-eyed Junco at her bird bath! The Dark-eyed Junco is a favorite of mine and is a frequent visitor to bird feeders (as the picture taken out my window shows). For me, they are a symbolic transition into winter and when they arrive, I feel as if old friends have come for an extended visit. Welcome birds of winter!

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