Well, It’s Been SIX Years…


Me and My Mini Clan

Six years ago, I made a post on here that the pictures don’t even show up for anymore. I believe they came from my Facebook account, which I no longer have. Six years ago, I had one child, Collin, who had just turned three – he has now just turned nine. He even has two siblings, Molly who is four and Milo who is two and a half. Six years ago, I got a divorce and sometime from then till now, fell in love with Tucker. Six years ago I was still in my 20’s. (I am 31 now, but soon to be 32 this month.) Six years ago I roamed around Southern Idaho – nature therapy. Now, I am still doing the same. So, why am I not writing about it and sharing pictures, thought I. Well, I’ll try my darndest to be the semi-faithful blogger I once was six plus years ago. I hope you’ll accompany me and share with me your Idaho, or wherever it is you roam in nature. Have an adventure-full week!

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More North Cottonwood Creek

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Wild Idaho #4

Red-Winged Blackbird

Yellow-Headed Blackbird

I see you.

Lizard. Do you know my name?

These pictures were taken at Derkies. We walked back to a marshy area and our ears were filled with the songs and chattering of these two beautiful blackbirds. There is something about black contrasted with a flash of bright color – stunning! Swallows were dipping back and forth across the water, and some sort of water loving, sleek brown mammal was scurrying within the reeds, never letting us get more than a glimpse of it. Lichen covered rocks. Craggy cliffs. The green of spring. A nature walk right in town.


Wow, it’s been a LONG time since I posted on here. Sorry ’bout that. I have so many old posts that I need to get put on here – and I WILL get that done eventually. But what I really need to do is get the heck out in the hills. I haven’t been there at all this year. My whole being longs to get out there! Lots has been going on in other parts of my life, but it’s all getting a bit more steady – so posts should be arriving in the near future. Meanwhile, you can check out my other blog if you’re at all interested – and don’t if you’re not.

So what outdoor activities have you been participating in?

North Cottonwood Creek – Again

Another post from May – all part of my catching up because I’m a very bad blogger.  Bad blogger. Bad.  Anyway, more from North Cottonwood Creek.  Beautiful!  I just love the sweeping views of land and sky.  Many people are sure to think these photos uninteresting and nothing out of the ordinary – but that’s not the point here.  This is my backyard.  Your backyard if you’re from Idaho.  And your backyard if you look at the world as an open adventure for all to take part in.  These views of sagebrush, hills, basalt, willows, sky for miles – this is familiar to me, it’s comforting, and it’s beautiful.  Enjoy!

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Long Time, No Write

Wow, I can’t believe the last post is from May!  Sorry for the unplanned absence.  All I can do is get posting again and hope I keep it up!  If you’re at all interested in what’s going on in other parts of my life, you should go to Media Knits.  I post there semi-regularly. 

So for lack of knowing where exactly to start,  I’m going to travel all the way back to May for some pics taken at and around Shoshone Falls (Snake River, Mule Deer, Unidentified Reptile) – so many photos taken of that place, but it’s never not beautiful. Enjoy!

A Bit of Here & There

 Here’s a few of the places we’ve been as of late:  Boating on the Snake River by Hagerman (mid April)…

 complete with beautiful waterfall.

 A windy day at Milner (early April) – just part of a drive while Collin snoozed in the back.

 Complete with Oregon Trail ruts (gives me chills!)…

 …and little graveyard with weathered wooden tombstones (gives me chills of another sort).

A day out at North Cottonwood Creek in the South Hills (one of a few already) – end of April. 

 A burst of red.

Greening up. 

 That burst of red again with a crumbling creekbed behind it looking in poor health.

And complete with a big black widow in a hole in the ground with its metallic blue pray in the bottom left-hand corner.  I’ll admit it, my hands trembled a little as I took this picture, and for some reason, I wasn’t aware that they lived right there on the surface – in the top of a hole in the ground.  Made me look twice before I took each step.  Black widows are quite beautiful looking, though, with their glossy almost plastic looking bodies.  One time, we found one living under our couch – that gives me chills too!


North Cottonwood Creek in the Fall

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Here’s what we found in our backyard at the beginning of this month.  It’s a gopher snake (a.k.a. bull snake).

Unfortunately our dogs found him first.  They were barking like crazy at something, but weren’t getting near it.  Chase and I, with Collin in tow, went outside and got the dogs in the shop.  The snake was very scared (poor thing) and had a tooth mark hole a couple of inches from the back of his head.

Chase managed to get him in here (quite impressive considering snakes make him a wee bit nervous).

And then in here for safe transportation.  We got in the truck and drove around ’till we found a suitable place for the release.

Bye bye snakey.  I hope he lived.  I have no idea how serious that sort of wound is for a snake.  It was pretty crazy to have him in our backyard.  I mean, he’s pretty big and we do live right in town.  He must have surpassed a lot of obstacles before the dog encounter.  It’s always good to remember that wildlife is all around, even in our own backyards.  What sort of encounters have you had?

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Tracks in the Snow

Winter Birds

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‘Melon Gravels’ by Riley Creek at the Hagerman National Fish Hatchery

I just love these basalt rocks that litter much of the landscape near and in Hagerman.  They were deposited by the Bonneville flood (so interesting!).  Collin and I meandered through the rocks looking at red ant hills, lichen, moss, rockchucks, and of course the melon gravels.  Chase, meanwhile, was sturgeon fishing with a friend of ours – no luck this time.

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