Hello & Welcome!  My name is Paige Blumenthal and I live in Southern Idaho.

Idaho has a beautiful and varying landscape from the rolling forested hills of the North, to the sagebrush flats further South.  I, myself, live in South Central which is dominated by the sagebrush steppe.  It includes valleys, canyons, rivers, lakes, mountains, creeks, and springs.  Waterfalls pour out of canyon-sides.  Hot springs steam in a winter landscape.  Rainbow trout glide through creek beds.  Sage Grouse dance among shrubs.  Sturgeon gather in holes along the Snake.  And red-tailed hawks soar above it all.

At first glance, one might pass off this sagebrush dominated land as barren.  A closer look soon reveals the life and beauty that blooms in this high desert.

I have roots stretching deep into this land, like the seemingly never-ending cracks reaching across a dried up desert floor.  My ancestors, the Greys and Jones, settled the Salmon Tract where I was born.  From this ancestoral line, I also have Nez Perce blood pumping through my veins – shooting roots directly into the soil.  I feel that sense of belonging.  Of place.  Of home.

There are many places yet for me to explore on this land I call home, and many to revisit.  I hope you’ll come along.

You can check out my other blog here:

My knitting & more (music, movies, whatever) blog:   http://mediaknits.wordpress.com/


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice blog!
    I like the south hills too. Originally from Ketchum, living in Hailey, I try to get down and recreate in the hills about once/twice a year (early and late season fun!).

    How’s the snow level down there? I’m guessing the tops of the ridges will be pretty bare of snow around June 6th or so, looking at the coming weather.

    If you ever need advice on hiking up closer to my area, shoot me an email.

    Have a great spring!


  2. Hello Ari! Glad you stopped by! I love it up there in the Ketchum/Hailey area. SO beautiful! It’s good to hear that you enjoy the South Hills. I’m always glad to find a fellow S. Hills admirer. I think the snow is all but melted. Went out to the Rock Creek Recreation Area last weekend and while driving up Magic, there were only spots of snow. Definitely time to be getting out there!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful spring!

  3. Hi Paige,

    Moons ago I promised to send you some recipes but somehow I lost your email address! Can you please email me so that I can send these recipes your way?


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