Well, It’s Been SIX Years…


Me and My Mini Clan

Six years ago, I made a post on here that the pictures don’t even show up for anymore. I believe they came from my Facebook account, which I no longer have. Six years ago, I had one child, Collin, who had just turned three – he has now just turned nine. He even has two siblings, Molly who is four and Milo who is two and a half. Six years ago, I got a divorce and sometime from then till now, fell in love with Tucker. Six years ago I was still in my 20’s. (I am 31 now, but soon to be 32 this month.) Six years ago I roamed around Southern Idaho – nature therapy. Now, I am still doing the same. So, why am I not writing about it and sharing pictures, thought I. Well, I’ll try my darndest to be the semi-faithful blogger I once was six plus years ago. I hope you’ll accompany me and share with me your Idaho, or wherever it is you roam in nature. Have an adventure-full week!

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