‘Melon Gravels’ by Riley Creek at the Hagerman National Fish Hatchery

I just love these basalt rocks that litter much of the landscape near and in Hagerman.  They were deposited by the Bonneville flood (so interesting!).  Collin and I meandered through the rocks looking at red ant hills, lichen, moss, rockchucks, and of course the melon gravels.  Chase, meanwhile, was sturgeon fishing with a friend of ours – no luck this time.

© 2008 Idaho Explorer


3 thoughts on “Rock

  1. I love these rocks! Never heard of Hagerman before this weekend and your post is the third mention of it in three days! It must be calling me.

  2. Yeah, those rocks are pretty awesome, especially with how they arrived there via the enormous Bonneville flood. You should definitely make it out to Hagerman sometime. There are plenty of really great things to see and do outside-wise – and not only in Hagerman of course, but in the surrounding areas as well.

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