Sunny Vacation!

Picture taken in FL: December 2006

Looks like I’ll be leaving for Gainesville, Florida tomorrow! Just decided today, bought the tickets, and away we go! I’m very excited, a bit anxiety ridden, and can’t wait to be in the warm Florida sun! Will post when I return next week.


5 thoughts on “Sunny Vacation!

  1. I found your website when searching for pictures of southern Idaho. I was born and raised in Twin Falls, currently living in Idaho Falls, hope to get back to the Buhl area. So, which part of Idaho is the home of Meadowlark Farms? When I was younger I longed for a few acres, some chickens, my own fruit trees, and a large garden. We did have part of that dream for a couple years out in Melon Valley, but moved to Phoenix and gave up the “good life.” The first dozen eggs I bought after having my own chickens was such a shock to me! They were so pale and runny looking. I’ve had some rather serious medical problems which combined with my age make it pretty certain that I will never have the animals and the garden and the fruit trees. Not strong enough to take care of it. But, I still love the dream.

  2. I lived in Phoenix too, well Glendale. Meadowlark Farms exists more in my mind at the moment than on any acreage. It’s my dream and, hopefully, my future. Chickens, fruit trees, a large garden – all part of my vision as well. I love the Melon Valley! We just drove through there yesterday.I hope you keep your dream, and maybe you’ll be able to have it in another form.Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Did ya? I love Gainesville (I’ve been there just 4 times in a span of about 12 years)! I have a sister who lives there with her husband and their two kids. I was all set to go to the Santa Fe college’s Zoo Animal Technical Program just this past January, but in the end, had to change directions.

    Gainesville is such a contrast from Twin Falls, and Boise too. In one place you can hardly see 10 feet in front of you for all the trees, and here it’s wide open spaces. I like both scenarios, but I don’t think I could live without mountains!! But then there’s always that beautiful & amazing ocean…

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