Welcome to my new site – please take the time to look around (tabs up top and categories & archives to the right)!  I transferred some of the content from my SegoLily site on Blogger to here – and some of it got the axe.  I’ve a new focus for this blog and am very excited about implementing it.  Here you will find all things nature, outdoor adventure, and even some history – all about our great state of Idaho.  Hope you’ll enjoy and thanks for stopping by!  Hope to see you around often and please feel free to leave comments – footprints of your time here.   

From my About Page:

Idaho has a beautiful and varying landscape from the rolling forested hills of the North, to the sagebrush flats further South.  I, myself, live in South Central which is dominated by the sagebrush steppe.  It includes valleys, canyons, rivers, lakes, mountains, creeks, and springs.  Waterfalls pour out of canyon-sides.  Hot springs steam in a winter landscape.  Rainbow trout glide through creek beds.  Sage Grouse dance among shrubs.  Sturgeon gather in holes along the Snake.  And red-tailed hawks soar above it all.

 At first glance, one might pass off this sagebrush dominated land as barren.  A closer look soon reveals the life and beauty that blooms in this high desert.

I have roots stretching deep into this land, like the seemingly never-ending cracks reaching across a dried up desert floor.  My ancestors, the Grey’s and Jones’, settled the Salmon Tract where I was born.  From this ancestoral line, I also have Nez Perce blood pumping through my veins – shooting roots directly into the soil.  I feel that sense of belonging.  Of place.  Of home.   

There are many places yet for me to explore on this land I call home, and many to revisit.  I hope you’ll come along.


Sunny Vacation!

Picture taken in FL: December 2006

Looks like I’ll be leaving for Gainesville, Florida tomorrow! Just decided today, bought the tickets, and away we go! I’m very excited, a bit anxiety ridden, and can’t wait to be in the warm Florida sun! Will post when I return next week.