Tracks in the Snow

Do you know who made any of these tracks?

And who made this home…

…with these tracks?

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Southern Idaho Outdoors in Picture Form – In the South Hills Once Again

See how snowy the roads were.
On this trip, it was my Husband, our Little Boy, and me. It was the same route as my last outing, but in the reverse (in on G-5, out on Oakley-Rogerson). There was a lot more snow than last time and the roads were completely covered in it. I was glad not to be driving. Of course my Husband drove with ease and confidence.
It was absolutely gorgeous up there and the chill air was rejuvenating and refreshing. We had a lot of fun kicking about in the snow. Didn’t see any wildlife aside from a few unidentified birds. Our dog came along too, and I’m sure he made all animals aware of our presence way before we could have spotted them.
I just love the South Hills and it’s a great pleasure to experience them throughout the changing seasons.
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